Goalposts v Winningposts

Hi All

I have just overhauled the site so that any member now posting a tip on either the Monthly Football Tips or the Monthly Racing Tips will have the option of having there selection entered in this competition. It will be assumed there tip will be used unless they state otherwise.  You may put as I sometimes do other selections down but as with mine your actual selection/s should be highlighted.  🙂

Obviously this competition is a team game so each member will only get three points to play with each week at either 1/2 point or 1 point stakes, therefore could play six 1/2 point bets or two each way bets etc etc. The odds must be available to be verified at the time of posting and the bet must be struck at least half an hour before the race or match starts. Any bet not stating available odds to be checked will be at my discretion and stakes will be assumed to the minimum 1/2 point unless otherwise stated.

Having said that each member will only get three points to play with each week as long as they stay in a positive LSP (level stakes profit) each week they can make as many bets as they like. This rule is put in place only to stop some anyone on a bad losing run bringing the team down with them.  I will be the only one keeping a record for the site and losing members bets will not be published at the end of the month (so feel free to have a go).

At the end of the Month the winning team will get a free bet to be decided by the member of that team with the highest LSP that month. This is very much a trial to be run during June and I am open to any suggestions as to how to improve the competition.