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    With Cheltenham approaching I thought it may be a good idea to start up a thread on Placepots as these can be a great money spinner.
    I will run through the way they work by giving an example of one at Naas today just to show you how it works.
    Firstly the idea is to get a horse placed in each of the first six races at any specific meeting (whether it wins or gets placed does not matter).
    You may pick more than one horse in each race but by doing so you increase your outlay.
    In todays example we give an example of the options and will use the following selections to include the favourite (which is the key to the size of the payout).
    Race 1 Favourite and An Marcach
    Race 2 Favourite and Royal Rendezvous
    Race 3 Favourite and Chef Des Obeaux
    Race 4 Entoucas
    Race 5 Favourite and Pat’s Pick
    Race 6 Favourite and Ificudiwud

    This bet has the following combination of entries, 2 in the first,second,third races 1 selection in the fourth race and once again 2 in races five and six.
    This is now how you work out the stakes for the bet 2x2x2x1x2x2 when you work this out it comes to a total of 32 bets. Had you only done just 1 selection in each race the bet would have been only 1 bet as it would have been 1x1x1x1x1x1.
    The weak link here is obviously race 4 with only one selection but had we have to take a reasonable stance as the payout is unlikely to be large today.
    The payout is dependent on how many favourites do not make the frame as this a pool bet and most people back the favourites.
    I will assume you have placed a nominal stake per bet of 10p which means you have an outlay of £3.20p on the day. Should you get lucky and get a selection home in each race you would have a 10p share of the payout as the placepot payout is worked out to a £1 stake.
    Should you get more than 1 selection home in any of the races the payout multiplies in the same way as the stakes you placed therefore if you had 2 selections placed in the first 2 races returns would be 2x2x1x1x1x1 which equals 4 the 4 is multiplied by your stake of 10p which means you now have a 40p share of the payout.
    When placing your bet you will be asked to use the number of the runner you have selected for each race. Should you not wish to select a runner but wish to side with the favourite you can do this but will not know the name of your selection until the race has started.
    Should your alternative selection become the favourite on the day both of your stakes would go onto the favourite. Should you have a non runner your stakes would go onto the favourite, should there be joint favourites the stake would go on the favourite with the lowest saddle cloth number.
    I have been updating this thread over the last half an hour to try and accomodate all the possible things that can happen to your bet.
    I will update this thread when the racing has finished to show you what has happened with regard to the bet the actual payout on the day and what may have been the possiblilties on the day. 🙂

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    I will now obviously update the thread for the last time today including the results.
    Despite my best efforts to cheat the system not even with the valuable option of changing the selections to include the favourites could not get a winning example so will have to fiddle the result to show you how it works.
    In the first race the non runner of the 2 selections would have gone onto the favourite which duly won so you would have now had two dividends 2x going on the next leg.
    In the next leg Royal Rendevous won but the favourite lost so we had 1 dividend in the second leg 2x1x.
    In the third leg we lost the bet but we will pretend we won we now have 2x1x1x,
    In the fourth leg the predicted loss happened (the single entry) as although Encoutas came third there were only 7 runners so he has to finish first or second so once again we will have to cheat so we now have 2x1x1x1x.
    In the fifth leg we had both selections win so we now have two more dividends to add to calculation 2x1x1x1x2.
    Last but not least there were joint favourites so we got the one with the lowest saddle cloth number which in this case number 3 so we got a win and a another single dividend and ended up on 2x1x1x1x2x1.

    Now we had to cheat but this was just an example so we now do the math and we have 4 dividends at 10p per bet which equals 40p.
    The payout today was £87.50p to a £1 so we would get 40p (40%) and would have recieved £35 less our £3.20p which would have been a £31.80p profit.

    Now the above may seem a bit complicated but the simple side of it is, just pick one selection for each race you then write down the saddlecloth number of your selection and when you have your six numbers you enter the competition.
    The reason for trying it at Cheltenham is that the payouts can be ridiculously high due to the number of runners. The record payout was £91,000 but obviously can it be as low as £10.
    It is a bet that is just a bit of fun and if any member wants a go at a mixed entry just let me know. 🙂

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    Here are my placepot selections for today the selections name is followed by the saddlecloth number which is required.

    Abracadbras 1 Chantry House 6
    Al Dancer 1 Fakir D’oudairies 5
    Vinndication 1 Mister Malarkey 5
    Darver Star 7 Pentland Hills 12
    Honeysuckle 6
    Hold The Note 2 Galvin 10

    This makes 32 bets best of luck if you play. 🙂


    Well that was a nice start as we ended up with 4 dividends at 32 points and after deducting our outlay of 32 points have a +96 point profit.
    The obvious thing to do is try the same bet over the remaining three days of the festival knowing we cannot lose. 🙂
    I will update tomorrows selections in the morning.


    Todays placepot selections are as follows

    Envoi Allen 3
    Copperhead 6 Allaho 1
    Franco De Port 6 Carnardier 9
    Defi Du Seuil 4 Dynamite Dollars 5
    Easyland 4 Urgent De Gragaine 14
    Palladium 3 Theatre Of War 18

    This once again makes 32 bets best of luck 🙂


    We still have two effectively free placepots to go after getting the first one home and we will try these for today. 🙂

    Mister Fisher 6 Saint Sonnet 11
    Welsh Saint 13 Relegate 16
    Frodon 4 Min 5
    Paisley Park 8
    Robin Des Feret 5 Ben Dundee 13
    Colreevy 5 Dolcita 7

    This is the usual 32x bet (2x2x2x1x2x2=32) combination 🙂


    Hi Mike
    All right if I join in and have a go today ? If so,here are my selections
    Sir Psycho
    Stolen Silver
    Thyme Hill
    Minella Rocco

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    Hi Lynn
    No problem I will add those in with mine and mix up a joint line. 🙂

    I will start with my last line which is a freebie due to the placepot win on the first day.

    Solo 10 Allmankind 1
    Saint Roi 18 Buildmeupbuttercup 10
    Fury Road 5 Monkfish 12
    Clan Des Obeaux 4
    Caid De Berlais 5 Billaway 3
    Eclair De Beayfeu 8 Chosen Mate 10

    This will be the joint line between GeeSport and myself

    Sir Pyscho 9 Solo 10
    Stolen Silver 5 Buildmeupbuttercup 10
    Monkfish 12 Thyme Hill 19
    Santini 12 Clan Des Obeaux 4
    Minello Rocco 15 Billaway 3
    Lisp 16 Eclair De Beaufeu 8

    Best of luck Lynn and thanks for joining in 🙂

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    Both placepots missed out by just the one leg today and our original line had amassed 8x dividends from the legs that came in.
    As for the dividends Thursdays payout would have been the best this week coming in at £2556.80p and I hope this gives you a good idea of how they work. 🙂

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