Downpatrick is a narrow, right-handed undulating track with a circumference of just under one mile two furlongs. There are six fences to a circuit on the chase course, the fences are easy but can be tricky due to the positioning with two fences close together on a sharp uphill in the home staright of over a furlong. Although the fences are rated as some of the easiest in Ireland, due to the positioning of the fences the rate of incompletions is just above average at about 12%.
This course is a real horses for courses track ,as apart from the undulations the drop as you go past the winning post is a real test for the jockeys let alone the horses. Due to it’s complexities an experienced jockey or one with local knowledge is essential.
The standard times at the track are average on the hurdles and NHF track but are the slowest of the Irish course on the chase course, which is not uncommon where it is difficult to regulate the pace due to the extreme undulations.