Beat The Lotto

Hi All

The ‘Beat The Lotto’ thread was one of the most popular threads last year and will be returning this year should you be interested playing again please drop me a line on the competition page listed here

The rules have yet to be cast in stone as I am always open to suggestions but in principle they will operate as per last years competition. This entailed six members each making one selection at the weekend and then the selections are collated by myself and made up into a set of small stakes multiple bets using the same stakes as a lottery ticket. The idea of this competition is to see if we can beat the returns made on a random lottery ticket.

This competition requires no financial input from any members and is funded by the site however any small returns of under £150 or less on the lottery ticket are used to fund the competion as would any small wins on the actual bet. Should there be several small wins and the winning fund should exceed the £150 mark, any member can claim back there share and drop out of the competition.

Each member wishing to join in should supply me with a number between 1 and 59 which will be used to purchase the lottery ticket we will be playing against.

Each member that supplies a tip that is used in the competition will be entitled to a one sixth share of any reasonable winnings (as mentioned earlier) with the exception of the share can drop to one seventh should I not get us my tip/s as obviously I am not doing this for fun and would be expect a share of the spoils.

This is a fun competition and forms no legal contract but it has never gone wrong before so a little faith is called for.  🙂

Here is this years competition link